Next Shoot Preparation

June 7, 2013 § Leave a comment

With the next shoot possibly being the last, I want to get it right.  Combining  elements of each previous video and paying close attention to narrative and flow, this is a breakdown of the action.  A kind of script.  You will have to excuse the often wanky language and accessional sarcasm.

  • Becky stands there, puts head back and breaths deep, expelling the air emphatically as she returns her head to normal, opening her eyes.
  • Looks bottom right, in reflective thought. Play with mouth expression.
  • Looks other ways, almost surveying her environment, filled with anxiety and excitement.
  • SLOW turn around, very slow look back (no hair flick). Looks ahead to where she about to run.
  • Takes one step, then another.  Taking in the (very) cold air in, still anxious/curious.
  • quickly becomes empowered by new-found motion, begins jogging. The jogging somehow is a defiance, picking up pace and confidence.
  • gets to road. becomes very anxious, worried.
  • Look left down road.  Look down at road. wondering, daring.
  • Face overcome with utter determination. Plant foot down on road.
  • Plants next foot down, next.  Walks slowly but with determination.
  • Suddenly breaks out into all out sprint.
  • Determination, hurting, determination, lets out scream.
  • Under to much strain, she falters. Head down. (3:24)
  • Snaps head back up to look down road.  Reburst of energy Sprinting. – not sure how to take that out to about 3:40
  • Thinking about shooting a few scenes around Fyshwick.
  • Utter determination, Jumps. Throws flower. This is her great relief.
  • Lands. falters and the to kerb. Bury’s head in lap.
  • Takes shoes off, feet are bleeding.
  • looks up, person is standing near her.
  • perplexed, she slowly gets up, physically struggling.
  • Person takes a few steps down the road, looking at the girl.
  • She takes a few steps, curious.
  • Looks down road and understands, looks back at person. They share a moment of understanding – SUBTLE nod from girl.
  • She looks back down road, squares her body to it.  closer her eyes and drops her head.
  • Looks up, heaves in a massive amount of air and with one final burst of energy, takes two quick steps and leaps into air.

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