Final Video: A good start.

June 7, 2013 § Leave a comment

This is the final video to be handed in for assessment. I would do another shoot if I had more time, the talent wasn’t in Morocco, I wasn’t exhausted, and I still had access to the hiring system. With this in my, I present the last video before assessment.

Being the one I hand in, let me give you some background. I had intended this last video’s footage to all come from the same shoot; the last and best. However, on the night, problem after problem arose until I had to stop the shoot; temperatures dropping to 0.5 of a degree, dropping a lens onto concrete being the two highlights.

As such, this video takes its footage not from the last shoot exclusively, but from a combination of all the shoots I’ve done thus far. This meant mixing video form 5D MK II’s and III’s with the AF100, mixing different lighting conditions and settings, as well as varying model actions. This means that the final video I hand into assessment is not what I would have liked, but a product of a somewhat forced hand. I’ve done my best to smooth out the inconsistencies and idiosyncrasies in the editing suite, but let it be known: a certain clunkiness should be expected as a result of uncontrollable circumstances in the video’s production.

and notice I say video, not film. Its not a film…yet.


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