Film Test 4

June 7, 2013 § Leave a comment

I give you the next iteration!

Let me preface the video by saying I was sorely disappointed with the final output. I can’t quite understand why its such a step backwards from the last shoot, but sufficed to say I’ve left room for improvement.

So what went wrong?
Well, firstly having shot on the AF100 with a Ninja as a second monitor, the unbalanced weight of the equipment combined with the almost exclusively handheld camerawork resulted in many a lopsided image. Also, the added weight meant keeping movement steady was extremely difficult and required two hands; a second focus pull was required that added to the camera’s shake.

In terms of flow, there isn’t enough of a development in the character. While this film’s concept is elusive at best, it would be made so much better with more attention to how the girl changes. This can be done with more face shots and better direction. Likewise, the unfolding of action doesn’t fit the song as well as the last iteration, making for a far less engaging and flowing video.

The ended is also horrible. In a on-the-set attempt to create resolution, the video resorts to cliche to finish and this just doesn’t work. Having said that, it was spur of the moment and purely experimental – that said, will be thinking of some other way to finish.

Despite all these issues though (and there are far more I assure), I see this video as a step sideways. Compared to the last, the techniques in this film (camera movement as the primary examples) are much more sophicated. If I can combine the attempt at dynamic camera work with the flow of the last film and a bigger emphasis on character/narrative, I think the next one could be a lot closer to my being happy.


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