Second Shoot Prep

April 2, 2013 § Leave a comment

Having screened my first test around the Digital and Photo Media departments, I have made some judgements on the video and decided the direction for the next test.

While I quite like the flour, it’s used in such a dominant and somewhat kitsch manner that’s jarring against a more voyeuristic style.  When she is running to the road, the filmmaking is passive, it is simply capturing a woman running (in a stylitic manner) and in this way, is somewhat realistic.  By this I mean the viewer can accept the character and action as exciting in a reality parallel to their own.  As soon as she throws the flour, the action draws attention to the setup nature of the video.  The viewer immediately becomes aware of the filmmaking; the light setup just out of frame, the speedlites flashing the scene, the tripod suporting the camera and crew outside the frame. This is not helped by the static camera movement.  The viewer’s engagement becomes with the video, not the character.

As such, the next test will focus only on the girl running.  I want to slow the pace of film, giving the audience a moment with this character.  I also enjoy the ambiguity afforded the action in the first video and will extend this more.  I want to mystify the character with obscured lighting, dynamic camerawork and selective framing.  To that last point, I will experiment with cutting between extreme closeups and long shots, never quite allowing the character to rendered in full.


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