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April 2, 2013 § Leave a comment

Horrible consonance aside, I have been looking at ways to replicate the translucency of the subjects in the original photos I started with. In the photos, this is created through mixing flash lighting and long exposures. In video though, the shutter can be no lower than the frame rate (or twice it if the 180degree rule is to be followed) so I am looking at ways to achieve this in post.

Assuming the camera is kept still throughout the duration of a shot, I can take the first frame of video that doesn’t have the model and layer this with the rest of the video, playing with opacity and blend modes to achieve model translucency. In the test below, I have taken this technique and added multiple videos from the same clip, delayed by a frame between each and blurred.

By adding so many blurred layers, the image becomes very soft, so I have experimented with using luminance sharpening (a filtered offered in the FxFactory addon package) to add detail back into the composite video.


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