Film Test 3

April 2, 2013 § Leave a comment

This is the result from the second shoot, focusing on the character running as allegory for an ambiguous backstory and themes.

While this test shows potential, the shoot was extremely rushed and didn’t achieve the attention to lighting and cinematography I had strived for. That said, it was an extremely useful learning tool that has already given me direction for the next shoot.

Here is a list of practical (and somewhat candid) things I did wrong and could do better, made during the early hours of the morning while digesting and editing the piece.

-needed more shots of her just standing for the beginning

– B Role stuff is priceless, shoot more of it

-don’t be so quick to say action and cut, you need some stillness

-adjusting exposure or colour with H.264 footage is hell

-you have to have equal amounts of footage from each angle; if you shoot a closeup and medium shot from the same angle, generally they can’t be edited together without the background looking like a jump cut. Get another angle to cut the two between

-decide if this part of the sequence is static or dynamic. Cutting from lots of camera movement to a static dead shot looks weird

-make sure exposure/whitebalance are the same for every shot – You cannot grade h.264! lock the colour balance of the lights and don’t change them

-don’t get your own shadow in the shot, just by the way


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