Pre-Shoot Organising

April 2, 2013 § Leave a comment

This is a list of shots I have in my head leading up to the second video shoot.  Aside from these, I will experiment as always on set and see what comes of it.
  • Last shot – long shot of her standing in the middle of the road, lit by the LightPro covered with 2 flags
  • Symetrical shot from behind, everything else in bokeh
  • Extreme low shot as she jumps over the camera, crossing a ditch in the earth (she should wear scrungies)
  • Tracking shots of her running from behind, looking over shoulder as well.
  • Feet against ground, tracking
  • arms flexing
  • hands ‘swimming’ as they run
  • macro of her eyes, facial skin, eyebrows and sweat and breathing. Best for when she’s stopped running.
  • focus on the brush as she runs past
  • closeup of her face before she starts running
Storyboard without the pictures but not really of the first 30 seconds:
  • medium-long of her standing straight on in the brush
  • pan from feet up to show face
  • closeup of eyes
  • medium closeup of side of face, look around, breathing
  • medium-long of her suddenly beginning to run
  • hair as it moves with her starting to run
  • flexing of shins
  • tracking shot from behind as she runs
  • tracking shot from in front as she runs
  • medium close tracking shot as she runs
  • medium close of the environment as she runs through it

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