First Shoot Prep

March 16, 2013 § Leave a comment

I will be shooting my first attempt at emulating my photos into video tomorrow.  I will be shooting on a 5D MkIII at 60fps at 720p resolution.  I’d obviously like to shoot 1080p but there’s nothing I can do about that.  I’ve also changed the necessary settings to get the best footage out of the camera for editing.  I’m acutely aware the 5D will reocrod to H.264 which I imagine isn’t good for grading, so I’m focusing on getting everything in camera.  This is a departure from my usual workflow of getting the most workable images out of a camera that can then be manipulated in post.

I’ve borrowed two LightPro LED packs.  These are the best lights available that are battery operated, somewhat bright, and somewhat soft.  One positive is that each light comes with two diffusing gels – a yellow and purple.  I’m going to try fiting each light with one then use the dimmers to fine-tune whitebalance and hopefully get a unique look.  Having never used these lights in the field, I am worried about battery life so will be conscious of turning them off between takes.

Other than the LightPro’s, I will be using two Nikon Speedlites to create flashes.  I will hopefully experiment with modelling the light using umbrellas, either shooting through or reflecting the light.  This is another experimental technique I am trying and thus don’t have too much confidence in it working this time.  My main concern is the flashes will completely blow out everything and simply render 2 or 3 frames each flash completely white.  Again, I’ll have a play and see what happens.

I have also booked out a H4N audio recorder that I will experiment with getting sound of the model’s feet running on the asphalt and some ambient sound, although I don’t expect this to work very well.  Sound is not my main focus at this point and having worked with outdoor soundcapture in the past, I am not optimistic that such subtle sounds can be captured without overbearing ambient noise and jitter.  But I will try anyway.

My aim is to use slow editing to extend the time the model spends running and the jump, so this will require multiple shots and angles.  I will start with my main shot – a medium-long shot that captures all the action, then work methodically through the action in close-up.  I will experiment with camera movement, depth of field, and focus pulls to see what looks good but also gauge the limitation of my camerawork with the available equiptment.


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