To begin, some background.

March 3, 2013 § Leave a comment

While I have very little experience in video production, I have completed two years in ANU’s Photomedia and Film Studies majors.  In my creative practice (predominately in the photomedia discipline) I am yet to find a direction to which I want to devote myself, except to the mediums themselves.  After two years here, this is the only thing I can say for sure: I love the photographic medium. I love the film medium.

I have some experience in film through exposure in film studies and a few small projects here and there. It could also be said I have a somewhat sound theoretical understanding of the medium (though I fully expect this to be contradicted before term’s end) from my photographic background, and it is here I intend to start.

Rather than plunge head first into this new arena, bereft of conceptual or aesthetic direction, I intend to make my first project an extension of a series of photographs I completed in 2011, my first year of ANU photomedia.  In the photos, shown below, I am exploring a surreal perception of time and moments never happened.  This will be my conceptual starting point.  Technically, the photos are not post-processed beyond standard darkroom techniques and any special effects are achieved in-camera.  With this in mind, I hope to translate many of the photographic techniques (that build a specific aesthetic) to the film medium.


Float series

Float series

Float series


These are some of the photographic techniques I want to translate to film:

  • custom white-balance combined with specific lighting to shift background colours
  • combined motion blur and clarity of model
  • semi-transparency of the models against the background
  • use of flour/salt, modelled by the introduced light to appear as floating dust
  • use of long exposures and flash lighting to balance ambient and subject exposures

Some techniques can be translated almost directly, like creative control of white-balance, while others require exploration of film special effects to achieve equivalent results, as is the case with mixing shutter speeds and flash to build an exposure.



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