Final Video: A good start.

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This is the final video to be handed in for assessment. I would do another shoot if I had more time, the talent wasn’t in Morocco, I wasn’t exhausted, and I still had access to the hiring system. With this in my, I present the last video before assessment.

Being the one I hand in, let me give you some background. I had intended this last video’s footage to all come from the same shoot; the last and best. However, on the night, problem after problem arose until I had to stop the shoot; temperatures dropping to 0.5 of a degree, dropping a lens onto concrete being the two highlights.

As such, this video takes its footage not from the last shoot exclusively, but from a combination of all the shoots I’ve done thus far. This meant mixing video form 5D MK II’s and III’s with the AF100, mixing different lighting conditions and settings, as well as varying model actions. This means that the final video I hand into assessment is not what I would have liked, but a product of a somewhat forced hand. I’ve done my best to smooth out the inconsistencies and idiosyncrasies in the editing suite, but let it be known: a certain clunkiness should be expected as a result of uncontrollable circumstances in the video’s production.

and notice I say video, not film. Its not a film…yet.


Its Raining!

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With what will now have to be the last shoot before assessment, Rebecca leaving for Europe within the week, and the last change to have the equipment from hiring I want, the night of the shoot and its raining.  I’ve had to cancel the shoot; iits cold enough this time of year without rain adding to the chance of the model getting hyperthermia.

The shoot has been rescheduled for 3 days times but its now a frantic rush to get equip through friends and get people for the crew last minute.


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With the next shoot close, I want to focus on comprehensive shooting.  With this in mind, I have storyboarded the film.  Click on each image to get a larger version.  Please excuse the horrible renderings.  I’m a Photo major after all.Image


Further Scouting

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Leading up to the next shoot, I want to shoot in a second location to give diversity in the Dubstep section of the song as well as create a obvious move from natural to urban environment throughout the narrative.  This is a scout I did in Fyshwick.  I was looking for areas that would blend with Campbell Park, significantly different, is urban, and has interesting light.



Next Shoot Preparation

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With the next shoot possibly being the last, I want to get it right.  Combining  elements of each previous video and paying close attention to narrative and flow, this is a breakdown of the action.  A kind of script.  You will have to excuse the often wanky language and accessional sarcasm.

  • Becky stands there, puts head back and breaths deep, expelling the air emphatically as she returns her head to normal, opening her eyes.
  • Looks bottom right, in reflective thought. Play with mouth expression.
  • Looks other ways, almost surveying her environment, filled with anxiety and excitement.
  • SLOW turn around, very slow look back (no hair flick). Looks ahead to where she about to run.
  • Takes one step, then another.  Taking in the (very) cold air in, still anxious/curious.
  • quickly becomes empowered by new-found motion, begins jogging. The jogging somehow is a defiance, picking up pace and confidence.
  • gets to road. becomes very anxious, worried.
  • Look left down road.  Look down at road. wondering, daring.
  • Face overcome with utter determination. Plant foot down on road.
  • Plants next foot down, next.  Walks slowly but with determination.
  • Suddenly breaks out into all out sprint.
  • Determination, hurting, determination, lets out scream.
  • Under to much strain, she falters. Head down. (3:24)
  • Snaps head back up to look down road.  Reburst of energy Sprinting. – not sure how to take that out to about 3:40
  • Thinking about shooting a few scenes around Fyshwick.
  • Utter determination, Jumps. Throws flower. This is her great relief.
  • Lands. falters and the to kerb. Bury’s head in lap.
  • Takes shoes off, feet are bleeding.
  • looks up, person is standing near her.
  • perplexed, she slowly gets up, physically struggling.
  • Person takes a few steps down the road, looking at the girl.
  • She takes a few steps, curious.
  • Looks down road and understands, looks back at person. They share a moment of understanding – SUBTLE nod from girl.
  • She looks back down road, squares her body to it.  closer her eyes and drops her head.
  • Looks up, heaves in a massive amount of air and with one final burst of energy, takes two quick steps and leaps into air.

Short Story: Old Streets

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This is a short story that really hit me as being similiar to what I want to do with this film.

The story uses little narrative – or narrative set in a small timeframe – to creating something seriously engaging.  I love the imagery of the night also and the flow of the story.

Film Test 4

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I give you the next iteration!

Let me preface the video by saying I was sorely disappointed with the final output. I can’t quite understand why its such a step backwards from the last shoot, but sufficed to say I’ve left room for improvement.

So what went wrong?
Well, firstly having shot on the AF100 with a Ninja as a second monitor, the unbalanced weight of the equipment combined with the almost exclusively handheld camerawork resulted in many a lopsided image. Also, the added weight meant keeping movement steady was extremely difficult and required two hands; a second focus pull was required that added to the camera’s shake.

In terms of flow, there isn’t enough of a development in the character. While this film’s concept is elusive at best, it would be made so much better with more attention to how the girl changes. This can be done with more face shots and better direction. Likewise, the unfolding of action doesn’t fit the song as well as the last iteration, making for a far less engaging and flowing video.

The ended is also horrible. In a on-the-set attempt to create resolution, the video resorts to cliche to finish and this just doesn’t work. Having said that, it was spur of the moment and purely experimental – that said, will be thinking of some other way to finish.

Despite all these issues though (and there are far more I assure), I see this video as a step sideways. Compared to the last, the techniques in this film (camera movement as the primary examples) are much more sophicated. If I can combine the attempt at dynamic camera work with the flow of the last film and a bigger emphasis on character/narrative, I think the next one could be a lot closer to my being happy.